Engineering Interactive Systems (from 2022)

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Designing Interactive Systems (from 2019)

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Computational Fabrication (from 2019)

This course introduces students to digital fabrication technologies and computational aspects involved in producing physical artifacts. Students are introduced to major fabrication techniques, such as additive manufacturing, subtractive manufacturing, and formative fabrication. The course particularly focuses on the software pipeline (CAD/CAM) behind fabrication techniques to go from a digital model to a physical artefact. The course consist of lectures, guest lectures (industry and academia), assignments, and a project (developing a basic version of an FDM slicing tool to go from a digital model to a 3D print). We make fabrication machinery available in our laboratories for students to make their assignments and projects.

Overview main lectures (slides upon request):

Tools and Technologies for Interactive Systems Development (TTISD) (from 2017)

This is a hand-on course within the Engineering Interactive Systems master profile at Hasselt University. This master course introduces students to a wide variety of toolkits and techniques for building advanced interactive systems and user-interfaces, such as mobile interfaces, spacial augmented reality environments and interactive floors, touch interfaces, and physical interfaces. In the first eight weeks of the course, students learn about new technologies every week during lectures. During three assignments, pairs of students get hands-on training in building interactive systems. Every lecture comes with two seminal articles to provide students with context and background info. Students are not expected to become experts in a single week but instead learn the skills to get started with a new toolkit quickly and make rapid prototypes. Students also learn about innovation processes and apply these principles to come up with a novel interactive system that they will prototype in groups during the last 7 weeks of the course.

Results of the 7-week student projects are uploaded to our course Youtube Channel:

Past: Imperative Programming (Programming in C)

This is a standard programming course introducing first year computer science students to programming in C. Topics include: pointers, memory management, linked-lists, modular programming, and File I/O. I teach together with dr. Davy Vanacken who is the main instructor for this course.