This page provides an overview of projects that are less research oriented. I worked on most of these projects in the context of my undergraduate studies (2010-2012), others were just for fun.

Xbox H2O: 2nd Place UIST 2013 Student Innovation Contest

Together with 2 master students (Ben Jorissen, Thomas Stockx), we participated in the the annual ACM User Interface Software and Technology (UIST) student contest in St. Andrews (Scotland). The contest this year, challenged the entrants to create innovative interactions using 8 miniature water pumps. This is the water-controlled game platform that we developed.

Mobile Presentation Support Tool

This tool was developed during a course at Hasselt University and focuses on enhancing the interaction with slides while giving a presentation. After creating the slides in a custom made design environment on a desktop computer, the slides are streamed to a mobile phone when starting the slide show. The tool allows to highlight objects, zoom and annotate slides from the mobile phone. Gestures are used to navigate through the slide deck. The mobile device vibrates when touching an object to encourage eyes-free use.

Drum Held!

This tangible drumming game was developed during a course at Hasselt University. By using several Arduino platforms, music and light is combined to help users to drum a melody.

Software Defined FM Radio Transmitter On FPGA

For a more hardware oriented course at the University we developed this software defined FM radio transmitter on an FPGA (Altera DE2-70).